Scrap Metal Bible: Complete Guide - R. M. McQuiston

Scrap Metal Bible: Complete Guide

By R. M. McQuiston

  • Release Date: 2013-08-27
  • Genre: PMI et entreprenariat


Learn how to start making money by scrapping metal. Scrapping metal is environmentally friendly, and it is also a highly lucrative business opportunity. This guide will cover everything from where to find scrap metal, how to identify different types of metals, and a guide to which metals are worth the most.

Also, learn how to breakdown household items for scrap metal. Take apart household items and turn them in to scrap metal, which can be turned in for cash money.

Lastly, find precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum inside of those very same household items. Learn how to harvest these precious metals from these household items. As a result, you can make even more cash money from simple , everyday household items.